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Sales: 877-861-7041
Service: 877-861-7041
Parts: 877-861-7041

Ford + Alexa

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Denton Ford, your Ford dealer in Maryland, knows that drivers are always demanding the latest technology in whatever they drive. This is so their drives can always improve, whether that be from a comfort standpoint or a vehicle usability standpoint. Ford is thrilled to announce that they have transformed their customers’ drives by pairing with Amazon’s cloud-based Alexa service. This pairing works through Ford’s ever-popular SYNC system, allowing you to have access to anything that Alexa can bring you by simply using your voice. Never worry about your attention being diverted from the road or your hands leaving the safety of the steering wheel as you only have to speak up to let Alexa help you with whatever you need.

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Feel free to ask Alexa whatever you need and she is going to be able to hear you, even if the windows are down. The team at Denton Ford, your local Ford dealership, is sure that our guests will be more than happy to use Amazon Alexa in their Ford Focus, Ford F-150, or any other Ford vehicle they plan on driving. Ford has teamed up with Alexa to improve your driving life for the better and eliminate as much stress as possible from your travels.

Ford and Alexa

If you are looking to use Amazon Alexa in your Ford model, install this app through Ford SYNC® AppLink® and put your Amazon account information in there. Say “Alexa” and ask for whatever you want out this system. Some questions you could ask include:

“Alexa, how far are we away from Katie’s house?”

“Alexa, what is the weather in Easton right now?”

“Alexa, play my driving playlist.”

“Alexa, call Dwayne.”

“Alexa, who won the Maryland men’s basketball last night?”

This system is ready to answer any questions that you have. Alexa can be your travel buddy, your assistant, and your co-pilot on all of your drives. At Denton Ford, your Ford dealer in Maryland, we can cover how Ford’s relationship with Alexa works and how it can improve the way that you drive. Come to Denton Ford today and ask more about this incredible technology.

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