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Pre-Collision Assist

Pre-Collision assist

Pre-Collision Assist is an intelligent safety feature found in many new Ford models. By using birds-eye camera technology, this sharp system senses a potential collision and forewarns the driver with pre-safe brake support, an alarm, and flashing red lights which will display on your message center. The pre-charged brakes have the capability of reducing the impact of a collision or avoiding it altogether. Whether you apply minimum pressure to the pedal or none at all, the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) will respond if a crash is imminent. While behind the wheel of your new Ford, day or night, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Ford Collision Warning will let you know when you are gaining speed on a slower vehicle ahead or approaching a pedestrian crossing. At your local Ford dealership, we want to inform you about all of the details regarding this new Ford pre-collision assist with AEB technology. 

Pre-Collision assist

Your Ford collision avoidance system is meant to be a supplementary driving aid, not a replacement for your judgment while in control of the vehicle. Attentive driving is unquestionably required, and failure to manually activate your brakes may leave you at risk of an accident. The highest sensitivity setting is recommended by the manufacturer, though you do have the option of lowering the sensitivity to your preferred setting which will display fewer warning signals. Stop by your local Ford dealer in Maryland to find out more about the Ford Pre-Collision Assist with an emergency braking system for peace of mind while you drive. If you have questions regarding troubleshooting your system or want to learn more about Ford Pre-Collision Assist, our enthusiastic staff will be happy to help you! 

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Pre-Collision assist