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Your Ford dealer in Maryland is aware that parallel parking can be a tough task, especially if you’re trying to get your car, truck, or SUV into a smaller parking spot when you’re on a high-traffic street. Take some of the stress out of parking when you use the Ford Active Park Assist feature. Simply put your vehicle into reverse so that the Active Park Assist feature can take care of the steering while you handle the braking and the acceleration. Parallel parking becomes fast and easy when you use this tool, so ask more about how it works at your local Ford dealership.

Ford Active Park Assist Feature

Many Ford vehicles feature this stellar driving aid. When this feature activates, it will find spaces for you to parallel park your vehicle. Once you begin to back your Ford up, the Active Park Assist system will handle the steering for you. Ford drivers only have to shift, brake, and accelerate when needed. This feature will provide you with audible and visual cues in an effort to guide you into the desired space.

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You will be alerted whenever your Ford is done parking. This system is reliable, but you should still step out of your Ford model so you can guarantee that your model has been parked correctly. The staff at your Ford dealer in Maryland is ready for you test out the Active Park Assist feature so you can see for yourself how easy parallel parking can be.

Your local Ford dealership is ready to walk you through using this feature and answer any questions that you may have about it. Park easier than you ever have before when you use the Ford Active Park Assist feature.

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