Denton Ford

Meet the Frog

In 1984 Dave Wilson was looking for an idea to promote February Sales. After a brainstorming session with our local television station (WBOC), the frog was born. It was a leap year so the idea seemed to fit well. In our very first "frog" commercial, Dave Wilson lightheartedly tells his sales team, "Come on guys, Everybody would love to have a frog." ... Little did he know how true that was!

When the frog came off the air to make space for Preston's March promotions, we were surprised by the community's reaction! We were flooded with phone calls and letters to bring the frog back. Amazed at the loyal following "the frog" had developed, we quickly turned the frog into "The Frog". Dave knew a good thing when he saw one and needless to say, "The Frog" has been back ever since!

For more than three decades, the Frog has been an integral part of the Preston Automotive Group family, representing us in our logo, in our commercials, and around the community. Almost 30 years later, we still give away a frog with every purchase, he sits proudly on the dashboard of every Preston vehicle. Although his look has changed a little over the years, the Frog is still our guy and his message is still, "Cars Cost Less in Preston".